Update on the M.A.I.N. Jewels: Diamond and Ruby

Time for an up-date on my M.A.I.N. gems, Diamond and Ruby. To start with, in case you’ve forgotten, I am so in love with these beautiful girls. Also, we are heading into week seven with them and let me just assure you that they are feeling so much better. They are so loving and obviously forgiving. They’ve been through some pretty crappy things in their life, yet they still trust and love us. If only humans had the heart and soul of a dog.

They are both looking gorgeous. IMG_0332 12483221_10208661100673723_600857286_oIn six weeks they are better. Six weeks! That’s unheard of with how terrible Diamond’s condition was. Dr. Katie rocks though. And no, I don’t get paid to talk about her or M.A.I.N. or anyone. I just love what they do and want to share it. So while I’m at it here, Dr. Katie is at Bethany Animal Hospital here in Phoenix (ok that’s all my plugs)!

Continuing on, the girls’ skin is perfect. In fact, their fur is so shiny and soft; like silk. I wish my hair looked like that! When you compare them to the earlier pictures-it seems they can’t possibly be the same girls. Remember how thin they were? Not anymore. They are gaining weight which was a noticeable issue for Diamond whose skin was just hanging on her bones when we brought her home from the shelter. 20160105_201645She weighed only 26-pounds at intake. Now? Are you ready….39-pounds!! She still needs a few more pounds but as you’ll see, she looks FANTASTIC. Ruby came in at 32-pounds and she…drum roll please…is 42-pounds and right where she should be. How amazing are these girls? I’m just stuck on “WOW.”

When we brought them home, they felt so poopy. They were weak, tired, and so very itchy, Diamond bled when anything touched, they were swollen over their whole body, and they were covered in sores. 12470743_10208661099233687_1873401743_oWhen they came home we gave them a nice dinner and for two days afterward they only woke up when we’d take them outside and to eat. We had to carry them out to the grass and then back into their warm and comfy room. Now? OH MY GOODNESS…They play and play and play. These two girls have never had the opportunity to be puppies, to just play and be crazy with each other. They’ve never been on grass. I don’t know if you read it but when we brought them home, they hated how the grass felt on their feet. 20160301_150422Obviously, they’d never been on grass before. Now though these cuties are having “puppy time.” And let me assure you…they are giving it all they’ve got. By the way, if you haven’t read the article from when we brought them home, why? Why haven’t you? Why would you skip it? Why wouldn’t you want to read all of the things I write? I mean, I’m a nice person. I say thank you. I appreciate that you read it. Please.

I’ve decided that I should get some extra foster points because I’m positive they’re getting all this puppiness (it’s a word dang it!) out at our house so they’ll be perfect for their new family when that time comes. 20160229_105851The reason I know this is because they are constantly telling me: “I’m a puppy, doesn’t matter my age; I’m going to destroy everything I can just to see how crazy I’ll make you; I’m going to drag everything from my room out to the yard, every day, all day; 20160223_150229I’m going to steal all the things you hid from me; I’m going to poop and pee where I should and where I shouldn’t,” and they are not lying!

No matter what they do though, they look at me with the most amazing amount of innocence and pure love on their face and, well, come on people, no one could get upset at that! Then to add to it, they have wiggle butts! They get so happy that I swear they are going to fall over from wiggling so much! Their puppiness has caused a few things 20160229_105904to need repair but nothing major and again with those eyes and wiggly butts, it just-doesn’t-matter. They have eaten three holes in the walls of their room (it was Ruby but she doesn’t know I know), the blinds on both of their windows, 20160229_105907the book shelf in there, the weather stripping off their door, a shelf, the new Costco dog bed, the French doors (just part),20160229_105917 the cord to the hot wire, the cord to the extension cord outside, the cord to the lamp (I’m seeing a trend here), and I think up to tonight, that’s it. BUT WHO CARES? Well, in reality,20160229_090331 Marc might care a little but WHO ELSE CARES? No one because they are so dang happy and loving.

The girls got spayed on Friday. Having to keep them calm is a joke. I just told you how rowdy they are and I’m pretty sure this is just a test from Dr. Katie to see if we follow direction. Yesterday they were having a quiet day. I opened their door to the yard and was watching them from my desk. They were walking around the yard and would just hang in the sun. 20160229_090057That is until I looked left to check on them and Ruby was running with the previously mentioned 8 feet long piece of weather stripping while Diamond was running after her. Ok, every dog parent knows that entire scenario is FORBIDDEN five days after a spay. Now I 20160229_090044don’t move too quickly; ok fine, I don’t move quickly at all but I think I got outside pretty damn fast at that point. I had visions of blown stitches and unstuck belly glue so I had to get out there. One great thing about these two girls is they are so happy to see you all the time that as I went outside they stopped and came over by me; weather stripping and all.

I just came inside from sitting on the patio with the girls. They make any day-wonderful. I sit on the ground and Ruby comes and leans on me so I’ll 20160223_145746scratch her belly. Diamond is nosy; literally. She walks up, steps on my leg and starts nosing my head, ear, armpit, anything she can; we need to work on boundaries with her. I felt a little violated. They just make me smile. I’m so going to hate letting them go when the time comes. You know, you never forget your foster kids. 20160223_145939Every foster is so different from the next and each, like humans, has some unique qualities. These two amazing girls have not had an easy life prior to M.A.I.N. and Dr. Katie; yet they just exude gratitude and trust. They don’t have expectations, except to eat at 4 am and 4 pm. They’ve long forgiven and forgotten the idiots that abused them. Why? Because in their new life they’re Rock Stars, as it should be!

Talk soon,


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